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15 hilarious places Pokémon were spotted in NYC

Written by
Dan Q Dao

In just a few weeks, Pokémon Go has become the latest obsession those of us who grew up in the Gameboy generation, offering us a chance to go out into the world and become the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them all is our real test, and in New York City, that means trekking through tourist traps for a Charizard, snagging a Pidgeotto while grabbing a morning bagel and missing a train to catch a Ratata on the platform. With help from Gotham's finest Pokémon trainers, we've rounded up fifteen awesome Pokémon sightings in NYC. 

1. Charizard frightening the tourists at Rockefeller Center


2. Clefairy picnicking at Central Park


A photo posted by Lina (@whaledynasty) on


3. Pikachu charging up the Flatiron District


A photo posted by Pokémon Go NYC ( on


4. Doduo getting cultured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


A photo posted by POKEMON GO in NYC (@pokemon.gonyc) on


5. Magmar turning up the heat at Gramercy Park


A photo posted by Mike Perkins (@mperk17) on


6. Pidgeotto being the early bird at Zucker's Tribeca


7. Magikarp floundering at the Williamsburg waterfront 


A photo posted by Kalani Hubbard (@khub_) on


8. Tentacruel creeping around Howard Beach


A photo posted by Jordan Carson (@jordanmcarson) on


9. Lickitung re-fueling at Dunkin' Donuts


A photo posted by Jordan Carson (@jordanmcarson) on


10. Nidoran♀ sitting in a bowl of queso at Taqueria Jersey City


A photo posted by Christopher (@djbowser23) on


11. Bulbasaur getting some shade on the Upper East Side


A photo posted by Brandon (@prince_creeka) on


12. Pinsir commuting on the MTA bus


A photo posted by かいら (@kdcrbear) on


13. Sandshrew on lunch break at Freehold Brooklyn


A photo posted by Pokémon Go NYC ( on


14. Zubat coming out after dark at Bryant Park


A photo posted by Blair Pan (@blair.pan) on


15. Ratata in its natural habitat at the Fulton Street station


A photo posted by POKEMON GO in NYC (@pokemon.gonyc) on

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