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15 things you'll miss about having a roommate in NYC

Written by
Jennifer Picht

Roommates. Every New Yorker either has or had one at some point in their lives (unless, of course, you’re a bazillionaire). As tricky as living with your best friend, an acquaintance or stranger can be—y’know, when they leave toothpaste in the sink, play music too loudly or walk-in on you and your S.O. having sex—we often take them for granted.

So when the day comes that you’re finally able to swing one of NYC's affordable apartments all on your own…well, er, good for you! But be warned: As exciting and satisfying as living alone may be, these are the 15 things you will definitely miss about having a roommate.

1. The luxury of splitting apartment expenses in half (i.e. rent, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, the electric bill). 

2. Having someone around to remind you when rent is due. 

3. Having someone to feed the cat when you’re away, or water the plants, which are like cats but much easier to water.

4. You'll miss how he/she stopped you from turning into a complete garbage human, because you can't be trusted to take care of yourself (and your apartment) when you're alone. 

5. Having someone who will notice if you die, get kidnapped or if you're choking and need the Heimlich. 

6. Knowing someone has the keys to your apartment when you drop yours down a sewer grate. 

7. Having someone to watch your favorite and quasi-traumatic TV shows with, like Game of Thrones. "Do you know what it's like to watch the 'Red Wedding' episode by yourself?! I'm still suffering from PTSD."

8. Having someone to vent to about how shitty your morning commute was, or warn you when there are train delays. 

9. Having someone to share and split a cab with. 

10. Using your roommate as an excuse to get out of an awkward one-night stand. "No, you can't come over tonight. My roommate is crazy. She likes to sneak into my room at night and stare at my dates while they're sleeping."

11. Borrowing their clothing and swaping your duds for theirs.   

12. Hitting the food delivery minimum, every time, whenever you two order food together. 

13. Having someone to help you decorate, especially for parties. 

14. Texts like this whenever your roommate leaves the city for the weekend.  

15. You'll just miss them. Period. 


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