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18 New York writers you should be following on Twitter right now

Written by Lindsey Sullivan

Whether you always have two cents (in the form of 140 characters) to add to a headline or are a serial retweeter, Twitter is kind of the best for staying in the know (and happening upon glorious nonsense). With so many Internet spirals calling your name, here's a list of some of the wittiest, most knowledgeable New York-based Tweeters who are also actually paid to write for a living. Of course you already follow Lin-Manuel Miranda and Lena Dunham; from sports writers to theater dorks to professional foodies, here are 20 fellow New York writers whose 140-character count game is always strong.

1. Andrew Kirell

Both a musician and senior editor at The Daily Beast, Kirell brings his frontman-at-the-mic-bluntness to his writing, both in longform and in short, sweet, Tweets. Check out his mental health take on Bon Iver’s latest album.  

2. Caroline Moss

Warning: Tweet scroll hole is inevitable. Now the creative director of CNBC, Caroline Moss has boasted bylines in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, Hairpin and many more.  

3. Jason Gay

For those interested in the sports ball, Gay is your man. The Wall Street Journal sports columnist is passionate about a pigskin, but hardly pigeonholes his beat, having nabbed bylines in GQ, Rolling Stone and Vogue. Check out his book Little Victories.

4. Erin Strecker

Erin Strecker has turned her fandom into a profession. Currently the deputy entertainment editor at Mashable, she has also written for Billboard and Entertainment Weekly.  Also, homegirl’s seen Hamilton twice, so she’s actually a unicorn.

5. Adelle Platon

On top of covering hip-hop’s constant (we’re talking multiple albums dropping on Christmas Eve kind of stuff, people) beat as a Billboard staff writer, Platon is also the co-founder of her sweat, a fitness lifestyle site designed for females. There is no “side hustle” for this chick: she always brings it, front and center.

6. Ryan McPhee
@rdmcphee News Reporter Ryan McPhee weaves the theater and pop culture worlds together with solid reporting, choice memes and a RuPaul’s Drag Race GIF (or three). Love his Tweets? Check out his weekly Lessons feature on where his adoration for Bernadette Peters, vague YouTube video scavenger hunt gems and Smash references can run wild and free beyond that 140-character limit.

7. Liza de Guia

Good luck scrolling through de Guia’s Tweets without your mouth watering. From recipe links, to food porn pics to her check-ins at eateries all over the city (and world), this Food Curated founder’s account is not for the hangry of heart.

8. Louis Peitzman

Both Buzzfeed and Twitter are places where it’s easy to fall into a rapidfire clickhole; however, Peitzman makes you stop and actually stay a while. His recent piece “Who Tells Their Story” is entertainment journalism at its best and most necessary, while his Tweets are delightfully frivolous.

9. Julia Bush

The Huffington Post’s Social Media Editor (and self-proclaimed Resident Millennial) is obviously going to slay in the Twittersphere; her content producing skills are just as sharp. (“Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Kanye West” is a gem.)

10. Chris Kelly

Prepare for tears, whether you’re watching his masterpiece (and first feature film, geez) Other People or laughing through Saturday Night Live. (Kelly’s a head writer on the NBC comedy staple.) Or, you know, just reading through his Tweets.

11. Jasmine Pierce

The fact that comedy writer Jasmine Pierce could whip out “Black Man Arrested for Resisting Murder” and “Fool-Proof Ways to Trick a Man Into Loving You Until He’s Dead” within a week of each other on Reductress speaks volumes about her whip-smart sense of humor. You’re welcome.

12. Andrew Kaczynski

If you haven’t followed former Buzzfeed News (now CNN) Reporter Andrew Kaczynski yet, you’re just not doing Twitter right. Trust Kaczynski to keep you in the know about the 2016 Election (and some early 2000s stuff you soooo didn’t need to know) without making you feel stupid.

13. Ashley C. Ford

This chick is a triple threat; as a writer, editor and public speaker, Ford’s pages, prose, posts and podcasts are always can’t-miss. Take a peek at her recent interview with Georgia State Representative and House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams in Lenny Letter.

14. Richard Deitsch

Sports nuts, rejoice. Deitsch has worked for Sports Illustrated for almost 20 years; Twitter’s been around for half that time, and this guy’s truly a first draft pick journo on both print and digital platforms. Want big game references peppered into the latest Donald Trump zinger? Game on.

15. Emily Nussbaum

In a glorious world where television has gotten so good that nearly every close friend, friendly work acquaintance and cocktail party small talk pal has bombarded you with series recommendations, there is only so much time to actually binge. Let The New Yorker’s TV critic steer you in the right direction (girlfriend’s got a Pulitzer for her reviews, btdubbs).

16. Andrew Chow

Theater, music, television -- Chow is a young New York Times desk jockey. Follow him for solid reads and interviews with up-and-coming artists on a more local scale.

17. Aparna Nancherla

This comedy powerhouse has already graced Inside Amy Schumer, Late Night with Seth Meyers and many a Twitter must-follow list; consider this your official “you’re late to the party if you don’t follow her immediately” warning.

18. Cole Escola

You’ve likely seen Escola on Difficult People or have been lucky enough to catch his monthly solo sketch comedy show The First Gay President. His Twitter presence is just as delightfully batshit as his live comedy bits.

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