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19 small things that can ruin a perfectly good night out in NYC

Written by
Tolly Wright

Once the workday ends and the weekend officially starts, New Yorkers head to the best restaurants, music venues, and nightclubs to cut loose. It's all fun and exciting, until something happens that makes you want to give up, crawl back to your apartment and hibernate until the next weekend. 

1. You get to the subway and see this:


A photo posted by EMosqueda (@emosquedanyc) on

2. The beautiful weather turns into a deep chill the second the sun goes down.

3. You step into a puddle, even though it hasn’t rained for days.

4. You step into poop and HOPE it belonged to a dog. 

5. Your favorite neighborhood spot appeared in a local publication and now there’s a wait list to get in (On the behalf of everyone here at Time Out: So sorry). 

6. There’s an unexpected cover price.

7. There’s an unexpected cover price and it’s way more cash than you have on you.

8. The bar sold out of $3 cans, you’re stuck with $7 drafts

9. You get to the venue and find four missed texts from your date: “Stuck at the office. I suck. Can’t make it. Sex later?”

10. The concert your friend swore “nobody knows about” sells out just before you get there.

11. The Queens bistro has Manhattan prices.

12. Running into an old classmate who really seems to have a grasp on how adult life is supposed to work.

13. You can’t remember which subway stop you need and your phone has no service.

14. The drunk jerk on your car starts puking up a vodka-cranberry storm. 

15. The taco truck where you planned to line your stomach before drinking is nowhere to be found.

16. Happy Hour ended at 7pm, not 8pm.

17. A big rat crosses your path. They’re the black cats of NYC superstitions. It’s safe to assume their presence is an ominous harbinger.

18. The volume is too loud for anyone to hear your hilarious impersonation of your boss. 

19. You suddenly remember rent is due the next day and must return home immediately

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