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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Steph Gray

20 reasons not to move away from NYC even though it feels like everyone else is

By Time Out New York contributors

You hear it again and again. (Mainly from the New York Post, but still.)

NYC has become so expensive, and the weather’s so unappealing, that people are fleeing the city as fast as they can. While that may be true in some cases (and no doubt, you have your fair share of friends that have decamped to LA) you know deep down that there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

And loyalty has its advantages! Just off the top of our heads, here are 20 reasons you’d be wise to stick it out and stay within the five boroughs. Not that you were ever seriously considering leaving, anyway.

1. Even if you’re broke, you still have better options for free things to do than any other city.

2. Property prices are actually going down finally.

3. If you move somewhere else, you’ll just spend all of your time complaining about the food.

4. Other cities (Austin, Boulder, either of the Portlands) may have new-money trendiness, but New York’s cool cred is eternal.

5. Despite the current uptick in MetroCard prices, it’s still far cheaper than owning and operating a car.

6. Do you really think you’d have as many options on Seamless as you do in New York? If you do, my friend, you are quite mistaken.

7. Carb heaven = pizza and bagels.

8. You're about to be able to take a booze cruise as a valid form of public transportation.

9. You could eat at a new restaurant for every meal, every day of the rest of your life, and still not try everything here (or come even close).

10. Girls is almost over now, so you don’t have to worry about your favorite spot being shut down for a shoot (or blown up after being featured in an episode).

11. You can see a mind-blowing range of architecture first-hand—from colonial to gothic to art deco skyscrapers—in just a short 15-minute walk.

12. Hamilton! The musical and, you know, the actual history.

13. Think of all the other times you felt like leaving, only to have those hesitations immediately remedied by a trip upstate or out east. Just rent a car for a Saturday, Jesus.

14. What are you gonna do, abandon your local bodega? Just like that?

15. You won’t get laid as easily as you do here.

16. There is always a chance you might win the housing lottery. Maybe… Right?

17. Bars close at like 2am everywhere else. We're not kidding.

18. Seriously, do you really want to buy a car?

19. New York is the only place you can get a decent slice of pizza for a dollar at 4am.

20. Your carefully curated black wardrobe just won’t work anywhere else. Sorry, but it’s true.


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