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25 reasons NYC is so much better for dating than L.A.

Written by
Nick Leftley

We’ll admit this up front: Dating can be difficult in New York. There are some truly terrible people you’ll meet when dating in NYC, and don’t even get us started on our feelings about Tinder. But let’s overlook the toughest things about being single here and focus on the positive: At least we don’t live in L.A.! We’ve talked before about how much our town kicks L.A.’s ass (and the less said about their apartments the better), so this time we’re examining all the reasons the New York dating scene is so much more enjoyable than theirs. And if you feel like rolling your eyes and/or snorting dismissively, scroll to the end for L.A.’s reasons they think their city is better (no, really!).

1. In New York, you don't spend an awkward amount of time with your date looking for parking.

2. The dating pool here isn’t skewed by a large group who’ll only even consider dating movie producers, actors and C-list reality TV stars.

3. Our dating pool doesn’t actually have any movie producers, actors or C-list reality TV stars (well, nowhere near as many, anyway).

4. You can read your date's expressions and emotions more easily in NYC, because they haven’t all had Botox.

5. Our close-together restaurant and bar seatings require you to squeeze in tight. It’s automatic intimacy!

6. You're basically ten minutes from absolutely anything you could want to do, whereas in L.A. you're never closer than a half hour to anything.

7. When New Yorkers go on a date, they look classy and hot. When Angelenos go on a date, they look like they’re auditioning for The Bachelor.

8. Bars in Los Angeles close at the absurd, high school hour of 2am. New York bars stay open till 4—that's two full extra hours for drinks, small talk and flattering nighttime lighting.

9. New York men don’t wear shorts and sandals. On dates. In nice places. Where you’d like to show your face again. For the love of God, put on some pants, you’re 37! 

10. We don't have to hike a mountain to get a romantic view of the city.

Romantic stroll? Don't mind if we do.

Romantic stroll? Don't mind if we do.

11. New York daters don't need to devote a long portion of the evening patiently listening to their tablemate's “brilliant” script idea.

12. The colder seasons in New York mean you have a valid excuse to go to a bar with a fireplace and snuggle up with your date and a drink. In L.A.? Not so much.

13. You can still suggest a mid-date nerve-calming cigarette without becoming a pariah to the entire bar.

14. People in L.A. are body-obsessed snobs. New Yorkers are a little more accepting that a prospective date will come with at least a dozen extra pounds from stress-induced Shake Shack binges.

15. When New Yorkers go on a date, neither one has to worry about who’s going to stay sober enough to drive home.

16. In NYC, you don't potentially damage your eyesight when staring at your date's unnaturally white veneers.

17. New Yorkers don’t spend the entire date talking about their new yoga teacher/favorite avocado store/path to spiritual enlightenment.

18. Snow days (don’t make us spell it out).

19. An “activity” date in New York means bowling. And drinking. At the same time.

20. A date here can consist of just wandering around a neighborhood and stopping into whatever store/bar/restaurant looks appealing. In L.A., you need a destination. No spontaneity for you, Angelenos!

The walking date

The walking date: A New York classic.

21. Lines to get into a trendy bar in New York aren't always full of models making you want to turn around and go right home (just sometimes).

22. In NYC, you never have to ponder, “Are they sit-in-traffic–worthy?”

23. If you pick a spot to meet in your neighborhood, your date can be gentlemanly and walk you home. It's much nicer to say goodnight on a stoop than by your car (and easier to invite them in).

24. In New York, none of your prospective dates expect your body to be shorn and hairless like some kind of land porpoise (“What, you don't tweeze your nipple hairs?”)

25. People have actual jobs in NYC. Dating anyone who is an “aspiring” or “struggling” anything doesn’t exactly fill you with optimism for the future.

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