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4-D theater to open with vibrating seats, wind and fog

Joshua Rothkopf

If deafening sound and eye-piercing visuals weren't enough, get ready to be stimulated at the movies in entirely new ways. Theatrical tech company CJ 4DPLEX has announced the Manhattan openings of two theaters that will supplant the usual viewing experience with "olfactory and tactile dimensions." Do you want to smell Batman—or literally be moved by him? Go to Regal Union Square beginning March 25 (not coincidentally the release date of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice) or the Regal E-Walk beginning April 28.

Promised in these theaters: motion-activated seats, wind, fog, rain, lightning, vibration, snow and scents. (Bring a coat.) You can also expect a higher ticket price that's close to $30 with all the surcharges. Worth it? Depends. When legendary schlock producer William Castle released The Tingler in 1959, he spent an additional $250,000 to wire seats with electrical buzzers that would go off when the title creature was "loose…in this theater!" The gimmick was much more memorable than the junk onscreen. Trash maestro John Waters distributed "Odorama" cards with 1981's Polyester. Will 4-D add to the cinema experience or simply stink up the joint? Let us know if you go.


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