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9 ways to spend your leap second in New York today

Will Gleason

Those of us who constantly bemoan the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day can stop our complaining for today at least. For the 25th time since 1972, there will actually be 24 hours and 1 second making up this day, a rare quirk that we can attribute to the Earth’s gradually slowing rotation. A group called the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (try fitting that on a business card) regularly decide that we have to sneak in an extra second to adjust for the changing length of a day. And today’s one of those lucky days!

In addition to potentially causing mischief in the markets and disrupting technology (the ‘90s are definitely back, and I guess they brought some Y2K paranoia with them) that means that New Yorkers will have a full extra second to enjoy the city today. Here are some ideas—other than John Oliver’s Random Video Generator—for ways to spend your Leap Second.

1. Order an extra oyster at happy hour. Because you're worth it.

2. Throw a really, really, really short party.

3. Leave the office a second early because you demand fair compensation.

4. Take a one-second, inter-dimensional selfie in Times Square.

5. Hold out the note at the end of your "Come On Over" sing-a-long one second longer. This is your moment.

6. Throw back one of New York's best hot dogs as you prep for your Fourth of July eating contest.

7. Barely make your train as it's just about to leave the station. Or miss it and yell an extra expletive as it pulls out of the station.

8. Take a shot.

9. Look at one of the best New York photographs. Or take one of your own! #LeapSecond


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