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A New Yorker claims he is being haunted by a little boy with half a head

Jillian Anthony

Is your apartment haunted? You may start wondering after you read about one New Yorker's ongoing saga. 

T-shirt designer Adam Ellis, aka @moby_dickhead on Twitter, says he's been haunted by a dead child known as Dear David for more than a month now. His first tweet about the incident went out on August 7, and he's been updating a rapt audience of more than 400,000 followers ever since.

Ellis says he dreamed about a child at the foot of his bed while he had sleep paralysis.  He says the child started crawling toward the bed, until he finally woke up screaming. In another dream, he claims a girl said to him, “You've seen Dear David haven't you? He's dead. He only appears at midnight, and you can ask him two questions if you said ‘Dear David’ first. But never try to ask him a third question, or he'll kill you.” Pretty f*cking terrifying! But it keeps going. Another night, David returned in Ellis' dreams: 

Oh shit!!! After this incident, Ellis moved into the vacant apartment above his and thought Dear David had lost track of him, until... 

Ellis goes on, sharing pictures taken through his peephole, swearing he sees something on the other side, as well as creepy pictures he took on his Polaroid that kept turning out black when he shot his hallway. Eventually, he had another dream where Dear David was dragging him along, which scared him, but he got truly terrified when he realized his arm had a huge bruise on it that hadn't been there before.

It's really not over though! Ellis started getting strange calls from an unlisted number, and when he finally answered, he heard a bunch of static then a small voice say, “Hello.” That's some The Ring shit, guys. Then Ellis set up a nanny cam to take video and audio whenever anything moved in the room while he was sleeping. And he saw something strange...

 Try having a peaceful night's rest now, New York. 


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