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All the street closures you need to know for Sunday's NYC Marathon

Written by
David Goldberg

The big day is finally here...the day when you check instagram for Halloween pictures only to find shots of your fit friends crossing the finish line, shaming you for still being in bed at 3pm. That's right, it's the NYC Marathon, and whether you're in the race, watching from the sidelines or avoiding the entire athletic event altogether, you'll want to know about it. If you're looking to not make your first day of November a total hung-over waste, then here's all the street closures and MTA changes you should know about before you venture into a post-Halloween NYC. 

The 26.2 mile dash begins around 9am in Staten Island, then continues in waves through Brooklyn, up to Long Island City, across the Queensboro bridge, up First Ave to the Bronx and back down Fifth Ave to the finish line at Central Park. Here are the big street closures to avoid over the seemingly endless run. You can get all the details on street closures from the NYC Marathon website. 

1 trains will not be operating between 14th St and South Ferry, and 2/3 trains will not run between Chambers St and South Ferry. The Verazano, Queensboro, Willis and Madison Ave bridges will be closed. Large chunks of Fifth and First Aves in Manhattan will be blocked off, along with Fourth Ave in Brooklyn. Here's the complete breakdown by borough: 

Queensboro Bridge (Vehicle Entrance Ramp East-bound)
East 59th St between 59th St Bridge and 1st Ave
1st Ave between East 59th St and Willis Ave Bridge
Madison Ave Bridge 
5th Ave between 138th and 124th Sts
124th St between Madison Ave and Mount Morris Park West
Mount Morris Park West between 124th St between 120th St
120th St between Mount Morris Park West and 5th Ave
5th Ave between 120th and 90th Sts
90th St between 5th Ave and East Drive (Central Park South-bound)
East Drive between 90th St and Grand Army Plaza
Grand Army Plaza between East Drive and Central Park South
Central Park South btw 5th Ave and Columbus Circle/8th Ave/Central Park West
Central Park Driveway/8th Ave Approach to West Drive
West Drive between 8th Ave Approach and 96th St Approach to West Drive
96th St Approach to West Drive
67th St Approach to West Drive

Dahlgren Pl between Verrazano Bridge and 92nd St 
92nd St between Dahlgren Pland Fourth Ave
Fourth Ave between 92nd St and Flatbush Ave
Flatbush Ave between Fourth Ave and Lafayette Ave
Lafayette Ave between Flatbush and Bedford Aves
Brooklyn Queens Expressway between Verrazano Bridge and 79th St
Seventh Ave between 79th and 75th Sts/ Bay Ridge Parkway
Seventh Ave between 74th and 75th Sts/ Bay Ridge Parkway
74th St between Sixth and Seventh Aves 
6th Ave between 74th and 75th Sts/ Bay Ridge Parkway
Bay Ridge Parkway between Seventh and Fourth Aves
92nd St between Gatling Place and Fort Hamilton Parkway
Fort Hamilton Parkway between 92nd and 94th Sts
94th St between Fort Hamilton Parkway and Fourth Ave 
Fourth Ave between 94th St and Flatbush Ave 
Bedford Ave between Lafayette and Nassau Aves
Nassau Ave between Bedford Ave/ Lorimer St and Manhattan Ave
Manhattan Ave between Nassau and Greenpoint Aves
Greenpoint Ave between Manhattan Ave and McGuiness Boulevard
McGuiness Boulevard between Greenpoint and 48th Aves
Pulaski Bridge (South-bound)

Willis Ave Bridge/Willis Ave
East 135th St between Willis Ave and Alexander Ave
Alexander Ave between East 135th and East 138th Sts
East 138th St between Alexander and Morris Aves
Morris Ave between East 138th and East 140th Sts
East 140th St between Morris and Rider Aves
Rider Ave between East 140th and East 138th Sts
East 138th St between Rider Ave and Madison Ave Bridge
Madison Ave Bridge

Bay St between Richmond Terrace and School Road 
School Road between Bay St and Staten Island Expressway

Pulaski Bridge (South-bound)
48th Ave between 11th St and Vernon Boulevard
Vernon Boulevard between 48th Ave and 10th St
10th St between Vernon Boulevard and 44th Drive
44th Drive between 10th St and Hunter St
Hunter St between 44th Drive and Crescent St
Crescent St between Hunter St and Queens Plaza South
Queens Plaza South between Crescent St and 23rd St
23rd St between Queens Plaza South and Queens Plaza North
Queensboro Bridge (East-bound)

To learn more about the marathon, visit the official marathon site. 


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