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Doorman in NYC holding door
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America's most and least desired celebrity neighbors both live in New York

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Will Sabel Courtney

New Yorkers know all about having celebrity neighbors. Not only is the city jam-packed with famous people, but unlike L.A. with its gated mansions, NYC living means the folks who populate People tend to sleep in the same building as not-so-famous folks. You never know who you could bump into in the hallway, or who could knock on your door at 11pm because he/she ran out of paper towels. Maybe they'd invite you to their next house party! Maybe they'd keep you up all night with their screaming! Either way, it'd be a lot more entertaining than weird old Mr. Heckles downstairs.

And as it turns out, New York is home to the person Americans think would make the best famous next-door neighbor...and the one they think would be the worst. 

According to Zillow, Taylor Swift is America's Most Desirable Celebrity Neighbor, scooping up 12 percent of the vote in the real estate website's "most desirable neighbor for 2016" poll.

In case you've spent the last two years living in the abandoned City Hall subway station, Taylor came to New York—which had been waiting for her—in early 2014, moving into a seven-bedroom Tribeca loft apartment she picked up for $19.95 million and has subsequently filled with sparkling water and, by her own admission, cat hair

America's Least Desirable Celebrity Neighbor, on the other hand, is none other than New York's own ambulatory embarrassment factory, Donald Trump. The Republican front-runner (seriously, still with this, America?) took 24 percent of the vote in the "worst neighbor in 2015" category.

As it turns out, The Donald sold his 6,200 square-foot apartment in the Trump Park Avenue back in July, picking up a cool $21 million for the five-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom space on the 24th floor of the 32-story tower. (That said, he still has his three-story Versailles-inspired penthouse at Trump Tower, which is valued at around $100 million...along with roughly 40 other apartments around town.)

So the next time you're shopping for a new multi-million dollar apartment, be sure to check Us Weekly as well as The New York Times real estate section. And if you have an opportunity to move into Taylor Swift's building, take it. She could totally be the Kramer to your Jerry.

[h/t Zillow]

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