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Photograph: Courtesy CC/flickr/Kevin Coles.

An air quality advisory has been issued for New York today

Written by
Jonathan Millstein

An air quality health advisory has been issued for New York State; which, to be clear to those living in New York City, does include the five boroughs despite the feeling as though you’re in your own little world. The advisory comes from the Department of Environmental Conservation concerning ozone and is in effect until 11pm tonight.

The rising temperatures today can lead to an increase in ground level ozone, which is also exacerbated by exhaust. Ground level ozone can make it difficult for people, especially children and those with respiratory disorders, to partake in outdoor activities. If possible you should move your move your outdoor physical activity indoors or wait until later in the night when ozone levels generally decrease.

To help curb ozone levels the DEC urges the following:

-Use mass transit or carpool instead of driving, as automobile emissions account for about 60 percent of pollution in our cities.

-Conserve fuel and reduce exhaust emissions by combining necessary motor vehicle trips.

-Turn off all lights and electrical appliances in unoccupied areas.

-Use fans to circulate air. If air conditioning is necessary, set thermostats at 78 degrees.

-Close the blinds and shades to limit heat build-up and to preserve cooled air.

-Limit use of household appliances. If necessary, run the appliances at off-peak (after 7 p.m.) hours. These would include dishwashers, dryers, pool pumps and water heaters; set refrigerators and freezers at more efficient temperatures. 

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