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Artist renders state pols as New York kitties


Bet you've never pictured a New York politician as a cat. And why would you? Ah, but then you're not Anthony Pego, a Native-American artist/Etsy-purveying jewelry maker (Saginaw-Chippewa by his account) who originally hails from Oklahoma, and now resides in Bayside, Queens


Recently, Pego began posting digital renderings of major players from Albany and Washington, D.C., depicting them as furry felines. So, Governor Andrew Cuomo becomes a Persian cat in a power suit named Andrew Cuomew, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand becomes Purrsten Gillibrand, and Senator Charles is, well, renamed Lucky.





Adding to the meow mix, Pego notes their policies and Congressional committee assignments: Purrsten Gillibrand chairs the Subcommittee to Catch the Red Dot, while Senator Lucky Schumer presides over the Joint Congressional Committee on Napping. Andrew Cuomew banned human baby soul stealing, which seems like an excellent idea, regardless of your species.

The point could be that politicians, like cats, are basically untrustworthy, or that their promises add up to so much kitty litter (both true, whatever Pego's intent). Still, his drawings are likely to appeal to cat fanciers and political junkies alike, even if he left out Mayor Bill De Clawsio.

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