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Artist version of NYPD surveillance tower has legs

Howard Halle

Since 2006, the NYPD's SkyWatch Towers have been popping up all over town like something dispatched to the ice planet Hoth by Emperor Palpatine. Painted sterile white with black-out windows a the NYPD logo slapped on in blue, they're definitely creepy, the ultimate manifestation of post-9-11 paranoia. At least that what artist Zaq Landsberg thinks. As part of Socrates Sculpture Park’s "Emerging Artist Fellowship (EAF) Exhibition," he's included a full-scale replica of one of the towers, only instead of the usual flatbed trailer that hauls it around, he's mounted his version on eight legs. Any resemblance to a giant white spider is totally intentional. In fact, he's dubbed his creation, SkyWatch Spider. The result looks like a mash-up of RoboCop and the Louise Bourgeois spider sculpture that invaded Rockefeller Center back in 2011. Landsberg's Orwellian vision is on view until March 22, so check it out. And remember, if you feel like someone is watching you, they probably are.


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