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ClassPass price hike unleashes the rage of the fiterati

Written by
Alexis Gutter

This morning ClassPass announced that monthly prices for unlimited classes will go up from $125 to $190 for existing members and to $200 for new members starting in June. This 35 percent price surge for unlimited classes—on the heels of a 20 percent jump last summer—comes out to an additional $780 per year. At that price, it’s now pretty much on par with Equinox, which is generally considered the luxury fitness option—and one that doesn’t fit within everyone’s budget. So unsurprisingly, the announcement left members’ blood boiling, and not in an elevated-heart-rate-interval-training way:

The folks at ClassPass are likely aware that hell hath no fury like a fitness-goer-on-a-budget scorned, which is perhaps why they decided to offer a “Core” membership of 10 classes for $125. This option works out to 2.5 classes per week, which is not quite enough to get anyone washboard abs or buns of steel. It is, however, $12.50 per class—still considerably less pricey than many full-price fees at the designer studios ClassPass features.

So, disgruntled ClassPass clients, here are your options moving forward:

1. Choose the Core membership option and settle for 2.5 classes a week

2. Choose the Core membership option and supplement it with additional classes or a gym membership. (You’ll likely end up paying more than an unlimited membership, but sticking it to the man is priceless, right?!?)


4. Continue taking unlimited classes—because you’re too attached to that morning barre class that makes you feel like a Real Housewives character on a Girls budget—and cut something else to accommodate the cost. Like one of these expenses:

- MetroCard: All this time you’ve been splurging on the extravagance of getting places quickly, but c'mon. You have legs!

- Summer wardrobe: Take normcore to the next level by recycling your winter duds! That sweater with a hole in it? Cut it up to make it a chic crop top!

- Shower at the studio: Load up on the free products at studios à la Ilana on Broad City to cut toiletries costs (every little penny helps!)

- Manicures: Sure, everyone likes bright summer nails, but coloring them in with a sharpie works almost as well as gels…right?

Weighing all the options can be pretty stressful, so you if you need us we’ll be finding our Zen at a relaxing yoga class…oh, right.

—Written by Carolyn Stanley and Alexis Gutter

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