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Every subway station in the city will have cell service by Monday

Every subway station in the city will have cell service by Monday
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Jens Schott Knudsen

The MTA has been doing a pretty good job of meeting Governor Cuomo’s hard deadlines this year. For the first week, at least.

Transit Wireless, the company that oversees the Wi-Fi and cellular service throughout the city’s subway system, announced today that they’re on track to have cellular connectivity in all NYC stations by Monday, January 8. That’s a full one-year ahead of schedule.

Today’s announcement comes hot on the heels of every station receiving Wi-Fi connectivity by January 1 and the grand New Year’s Day opening of the Second Avenue Subway, a project delayed by a mere century. 

“By bringing Wi-Fi and cell service underground ahead of schedule, we are reimagining our subway stations to meet the needs of the next generation,” Governor Cuomo said. “This will better connect New Yorkers who are on-the-go and build on our vision to reimagine the country’s busiest transportation network for the future. I thank all of our partners.”

So that's one less excuse for not letting someone know you're running late.



Yves L

Cell service in stations only is not practical, it should be all along the way, lIke in major city with underground  transit systems in the world. NY will still be a third world country city.

Marie W

Let's hope this is for 2017. It is a great safety measure. Bravo! :)

Glendy K

Wait, Jan 8, 2017 is not a Monday.  But, Jan 8, 2018 *is*.... are we really one year ahead of schedule?!?!?!

Simon D

And thus the last bastion of not hearing everyone else's phone conversations is lost.  Please people, text instead!

Yves L

@Simon D Because of the clunky noisy  rides, you would not hear anything anyway..

Lem W

Um, tomorrow is Monday, January 9. Is that a typo in the piece, or is the rollout a year behind schedule?