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Everything doughnuts are real in NYC and reviews are mixed

Written by
Christina Izzo

We love doughnuts. We love everything bagels. But would we love them together? That's the question we challenged Time Out New York staffers with when we heard about the Doughnut Project's latest savory-sweet mash-up, the everything doughnut. The gist: regular yeast doughnuts are shellacked in sweet cream-cheese glaze and sprinkled in the traditional seasonings of an everything bagel, including oven-roasted sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic and sea salt. Our taste test yielded reactions ranging from repulsion ("Nope, just, nope") to rapture ("This is game-changing"), but mostly confusion: 

"I've never been like, 'Know what would make these doughnuts better? Seeds."

"It tastes like a bagel, but then it disappears. That's annoying." 

"I'm a fan, but it's like you dropped your bagel in a big vat of doughnut batter." 

"I strangely give this an 8 out of 10. It reminds me of desserts at Chinese bakeries, like sesame-covered mochi." 

"It's as if you took a bite of a bagel and a bite of a doughnut at the same time, which, just, why would you do that?"

So far, it's unclear whether these bagel creations will recreate the long-line hysteria of those rainbow bagels at the Bagel Store, but the team at Doughnut Project does have more savory-sweet tricks up its sleeves, including ricotta-stuffed beet doughnuts, an olive oil–and–black pepper round and a Seinfeld-nodding treat featuring salted chocolate with buttered pretzel bits, fittingly dubbed the Costanza. 

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