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Everything you need to know about Go Topless Day 2016

Go Topless Day
Photograph: Matt Marquez

It's summer, which means it's the best season to #freethenipple! Being topless in public in New York City has been legal since 1992, and to celebrate feminism and Women's Equality Day on August 26, the second annual GoTopless Day Parade will march through the city on Sunday, August 28.

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Marchers will gather at 58th Street and 8th Avenue at 11am, then march (1–2pm) down Broadway—underneath a pair of giant balloon breasts—and across 48th Street to Dag Hammarskjold plaza, where a rally (1:30–4pm) with speakers and lots of boobs will be held.

"We're going topless for the purpose of encouraging women to exercise their rights," says Go Topless president Nadine Gary. "Its a celebration of our bodies and putting the shame behind us." AMEN!

Check out photos from last year's parade, and stay tuned for the August 24 issue of Time Out New York, where we'll tell you four great ways to go topless in the city if you want to try it out for yourself.

Want to go topless all over the country? Check out the boob map to see all the parades going on across the nation.



Bill M

Thank you Jillian, Bill M


Now, more than ever (considering some cultures that would kill us for our freedoms) we need to endorse this type of expression that shows our our love of freedom, and does so without hurting anyone.  Long live the USA!

Quentin P

Power to the people   Don't have much to say about  Will Smith  and his fear of teenagers are equally strong but I will say that the mind of someone who is taught  morality by having to cloth one's body a certain way is not the morality I want to be oppressed by..  And I'd rather see things for what they are than to what they are not. 

Scott C

Ugh - looks like two watermelons in a downhill race

Shane C

New Yorkers are lucky to have topless day Indiana women need to push for that here it does improve the scenery. Would make car insurance go up for male and lesbian drivers here in Indiana but it would be very well worth a fender bender or too and body shops would be booming.

Freaked O

Sum dem heifa's needa put dey shirt back on

David B

@Patrick S @Freaked O Is it body shaming if you're merely pointing out the fact that some people shouldn't go topless for the simple fact that they will suffer from back pain as a result of having poor support for their breasts? Is it also body shaming if you point out that most people psychologically are more willing to accept a message from one breast type over another? Just because that breast type is upright and perky does not mean they are body shaming everyone else. If that is the case, then a majority of people are body shaming just by existing, because that is and always was their preference. 

It's a biological imperative, not body shaming. Certain body features are biologically programmed into you, with this thing called DNA. We are programmed from birth to want healthy partners. When you develop your personality as an adult, your experiences drive your desires, to an extent. There will always be a part of you that wants a fit partner over a fat one. Regardless, many people partner with people who seem like unlikely candidates for the bedchamber, and thus many people become friend with unlikely candidates in everyday life. Many by choice, and many by happenstance. By shaming someone for pointing out the imperfections of another, you are no better than them. You are a hypocrite. 

Imperfections are visible, and people love to point out the obvious. Do those imperfections make the individual being pointed out less of a person? Does it diminish their rights? Maybe in Nazi Germany. In this society, we have something called freedom of speech, or freedom of expression. I love how many people like to call on those freedoms when it comes to defending homosexuals and burning the flag, but calling someone out for having saggy tits is an absolute no no. 

Going topless is a form of expression for some women, and that's all well and good. Don't tell @Freaked O he isn't allowed to express himself or you just look like a hypocrite. Otherwise, you risk letting your message get lost in translation. You defeat your own argument.

Jonathan U

You should tell your readers its organized by the weird Raelian cult.