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Five things to check out at the New York Coffee Festival this weekend

Five things to check out at the New York Coffee Festival this weekend
Photograph: Courtesy New York Coffee Festival

The buzziest, most energetic event of the year is upon us. From October 13–15, the New York Coffee Festival in the Metropolitan Pavilion is serving up java samples from some of the best coffee shops across the city. Here are the things you can't miss:

Latte Live Art: Did you know that professional latte artists were actual things? Neither did we. For this workshop, learn to how to fancy your foam, as well as judge a live competition between insanely creative baristas.

Tim Tam Slam Challenge: It's a popular Australian tradition to drink coffee through these chocolate bars. Hopefully this booth will start a revolution right here in the U.S.

Sensory Experience: Leave three out of five senses at the door to focus on taste and scent. In this 30-minute tour, learn about the processes and how to taste core ingredients like cacao, grains and espresso. 

The Lab: Learn the craft and history of brewing beans at these multi-format, educational sections.

Coffee Cocktail Bar: For those of you joining the later sessions, getting a caffeine buzz might not be enough. Go for the good stuff with one of three caffeinated cocktails served by Mr. Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur.

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