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Foolproof guide to People's Climate Walk this Sunday

By Jaz Joyner

Hey friends—sorry to break it to you, but we're doing mad damage to mother earth. Yeah, you've probably heard. The damage is so bad that this Sunday there's going to be a massive, Manhattan rally called People's Climate Walk to raise awareness about, well, the currently somber state of our planet. Please note: when we say "massive", this is not an understatement—tens of thousands of marchers are expected to show up at what will easily be the largest climate walk in history. If you have no interest in joining in on this lovely clusterfuck of earthly-friendly gatherings, we've got some tips on how to steer clear. Oh, so you changed your mind and decided to get your activist on?  We can help you with that, too.

  • Marchers will begins rallying as early as 10:00am  on Sunday, September 21st at the Central Park entrances on 65th, 72nd, 77th, 81st, or 86th Sts. Each entrance is for specific groups to meet. For example, 65th St is called Front Lines of Justice, Frontline of Change where people already involved in environmental organizations will rally. Where as 86th St on the other hand is called To Change Everything, We Need Everyone and is open to people associated with general community groups.  If you're planning to join in, make sure to check which entrance is best for you.

  • If you don't want to get caught up in the action, STAY AWAY from Columbus Circle where the march begins at 11:30.

  • Here's the route break down according to the site: The march will begin at 11:30 am., March down Central Park West and go east on 59th Street, Turn onto 6th Ave. and go south to 42nd Street, Turn right onto 42nd Street and go west to 11th Ave, Turn left on 11th Ave. and go south to 34th Street, End Location: 11th Ave. in the streets between 34th Street and 38th Street.
  • According to Google Maps, it takes the average person about 35 minutes to walk this route. However, with thousands of marchers taking this journey, it's best to expect hours in delays.

People's Climate March route ...Google Map

  • How can you get involved? Simply head to the People's Climate Walk website and either choose to join a group or to volunteer with the march. Nearly one hundred groups will be marching, from a Grad Students for Climate Change, to Indigenous People to Yoga and Spirituality, so you'll likely find your perfect fit.
  • There will be all sorts of environmentally friendly events leading up the Sunday march, as well as a few post-march activities. To stay abreast of all the happenings, check out the events page of the march's site.

So there you have it. Green peace mayhem will commence on Sunday whether you like it or not. We believe you can make it. You're strong. Like an ox. And for you all brave enough to get in on the action, feel free to step up and leave your (non-carbon) footprint on our pavement this Sunday.


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