Four things "Younger" nails about being a millennial in New York

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Jennifer Picht

TV Land’s new hit show, Younger, hits close to home for the bulk of New Yorkers in their twenties. But the gimmick here is the lead character and Brooklynite, Liza Miller, plays a 40-year-old mom that’s only pretending to be a 26-year-old in order to nab an assistant job at a publishing company. And of course, the brewing romance between her and a young, tattooed-stud is reason enough to keep up the act, too. Basically, Liza is having the time of her life. 

Sure, we’re all a bit guilty of pushing the truth on our resumes, and a middle-aged woman impersonating a millennial calls to the extreme, but here’s the thing: Whether you’re 22 or 42, we can all totally relate to Liza Miller. The show doesn’t poke fun at the city the same way Broad City totally nails a New York moment, but it does (pretty-accurately) depict what it’s like to be a female millennial (or in Liza's case, a wannabe) in New York today. 

1. Meeting a sexy, witty tattoo artist in Brooklyn

When Liza is hit on by a hot, 26-year-old hipster she asks, “What do they put in the drinks at that place and how do we get it into the water supply?” A question, I think, we’d all like answered. It’s true, the bar scene in Brooklyn is practically a communal watering hole for scruffy-faced, James Dean-wannabes wearing plain white t-shirts and dark-wash jeans. WHY DO THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME? 

2. Pitching a brilliant idea to your boss on a whim and rarely having her see it through

Millennials are hungry for success, especially in the city. That’s why they go above and beyond for a gold star and a pat on the head. But this can turn into a toxic mess of constantly needing validation—and we all know New Yorkers can be pretty tough. The show pretty much captures the common struggle through the relationship between Liza and her boss. There are few victories, but every once in awhile; she hits the nail on the head. 

3. The mantra that there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women

YAS QUEEN. It’s true. They say if you can make it New York, you can make it anywhere. And it’s way easier to make it when you support your co-workers. In New York, it feels like everyone knows somebody, who knows someone that works at your dream job. The show teaches us to continue paying it forward, be kind and help your girlfriends climb the ladder. It’s good karma, people! 

4. No matter how old you are, it's never too late to go out and enjoy your city 

Watching this show might make you think: Am I really taking advantage of all the fun things to do in New York? It sure looks like Liza is having a lot of fun. Real talk: Your age does not define what you do or where you go. And if you’ve picked up your free copy of Time Out New York, then you know we’ll help you get off that couch, explore the city you love and show you a kick-ass time. And if we can't inspire you, then maybe Liza can. 

Younger airs every Tuesday at 10pm on TV Land. 

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