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Game of Thrones' Hodor drops more beats than syllables on his Rave of Thrones tour (VIDEO)

Christopher Tarantino

Historically, actors turned DJs have gotten a pretty bad rap. Most recently, R.J. Mitte (Walt Jr. on Breaking Bad) started playing “themed DJ events” called Breaking Beats barely two years after Aaron Paul traded in all the good will he’d created as Jesse Pinkman on the same show, by releasing the career-killing “Dance Bitch” track. Oh, and Bryan Cranston recently showed up "in character" as Walter White at Electric Daisy Carnival to introduce U.K. tranceheads Above & Beyond. Now, after Frodo’s second career as a DJ/record label boss, Game of Thrones' Kristian Nairn throws us a Hodor house party with his Rave of Thrones. If things work in threes as they say, does that mean we should expect a DJ Daenerys Targaryen trap mix filled with dragon house? There are multitudes of similarities between the fictional Westeros landscape and that of EDM: They’re both volatile and cutthroat with basically zero loyalty, and anyone looking to make a name for themselves seemingly can in just a move or two, though your rule may not last through winter. Also, you may not always see him, but Sean Bean is always out there, watching your set. 

As Westeros’ resident Groot, only bright enough to repeat his own name over and over, one hopes that Nairn has a little more going on than Hodor. But his debut track “Up,” with vocals from British X Factor contestant Leanne Robinson, is a generic piece of cheesy piano house with lyrics about “tearing it up” and “moving to the beat” that would not sound out of place in a Victor Calderone mix circa ‘98. The nearly seven-foot Nairn has actually been a DJ for some time, appearing as a resident at Belfast’s #1 “stylish Soviet-themed gay club” Kremlin, so it is only fitting that his fantasy-themed tour asks guests to wear fantasy-themed attire or risk “the hand of the King.” At the candy-colored cosplay event in L.A. in March, you didn’t just get a Jon Snow-type introducing the DJs for the evening, you got one a Jon Snow-type who unleashed a torrent of fake snow on the cheering crowd. Winter is coming, indeed. You also got live bands recreating the Game of Thrones theme song in different styles as beats played behind them, and as Medieval Times knights took to the stage in full regalia, fighting to the death with big swords and bigger beats, as the victor humped the vanquished (seriously you cannot make this stuff up). You’d think something like this would cost you over $100 (not including a half-chicken, Diet Pepsi and no utensils), but on August 13 at Irving Plazaall of this can be yours for just $30 (plus service fees, obvi). While it’s unfair to penalise the guy just for being on an incredibly successful TV show, it does not help his credibility levels that his flyer shows him in costume with his character's name in 72-point font; neither does the fact that he brings a replica of the actual throne on tour for fan photos. But hey, Comic-Con candy ravers need love too! Stark house indeed…


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