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Go smash a bunch of furniture at this brand-new Wrecking Club in NYC

Jennifer P

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While we strongly believe New York is the greatest city in the world, Gotham still has the power to make any ray of sunshine angry. (Crazy-high rent prices, crowded sidewalks, daily train delays—we’re seeing red just thinking about it.)

There’s an endless list of fume-worthy annoyances, and some of them make us so mad, we just want punch a wall. Thanks to The Wrecking Club—New York’s first destruction room—we now have a safe and healthy space to release our built-up aggression.

At The Wrecking Club, you can whack, hit, break and demolish whatever you want. Yes, really. The club’s slogan is literally, “Where people come to smash stuff to pieces.”

The demolition room—located in the Garment District–will have various pieces of furniture and items ranging from monitors and fax machines to porcelain and ceramic plates available for you to destroy.

You can bring your own items to beat, and only two people can go into the room to smash the hell out of the objects at a time. (Searching for unique date ideas? This is the one!) The Wrecking Club will even let you choose your own demolition music to get you pumped to Hulk-out!

A two-person, twenty-minute session will run you $40/person. A private session costs $70. And we hear it’s a great fitness workout. (Psh, who needs boxing class when there’s this!?)

We encourage you to take our “Which angry New Yorker are you?” quiz to find out just how badly you need to pay a visit to this new club. Book or reserve the room here.

The Wrecking Club, 344 38th St, Suite 508 (212-933-0929, 


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