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Gorge on fries covered in duck confit and bratwurst during Mile End's Poutine Week
Written by
Will Gleason

If all those photos of Justin Trudeau at the White House have you craving something Canadian today, then you're in luck. Mile End Deli's week-long festival featuring one-of-a-kind poutines is back, ready to satiate all of your north-of-the-border desires.

Starting today and running through Sunday, Poutine Week will feature five uniques twists on the classic Canadian dish available for $18 for lunch and dinner. Check out this year's offerings below.

Mile End Deli: Poutine Week Menu

Corn Dog Poutine
Sliced Corn Dogs, Cheese, Curds, Gravy, Fries  

Bratwurst Poutine 
Beer Cheese Gravy, Bratwurst, Tater Tots  

Meatlovers Poutine 
Brisket, Smoked Meat, Corned Beef, Hot Dogs, Salami, Bacon, Cheese Curds, Gravy Fries  

Duck Confit 
Poutine Duck Confit Cheese Curds Gravy Fries  

Caprese Poutine
Spicy Tomato Sauce, Seared Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Garlic Oregano Fries 

Photograph: Courtesy Mile End Deli



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