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Here are the NYC neighborhoods where the most millennials want to live right now

Here are the NYC neighborhoods where the most millennials want to live right now
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/gabrielshore

And the No. 1 NYC neighborhood with the most millennials looking for a new apartment is…Astoria! Apartment-finding app Roomi recently did a study collecting data on where millennials were looking for a room to rent, and the Queens neighborhood took the top spot.


According to the results, 38 percent of New Yorkers between 20 and 36 years old using the app apply for rooms in Astoria. In second place is Clinton Hill, followed by East Harlem, Lower Manhattan and West Bronx. Surprisingly, Williamsburg didn’t even place on the list—though it’s maybe not all that surprising since the average rent in Williamsburg is $1,301 a month compared to Astoria’s $1,105 a month, according to Roomi.


And Astoria is giving Brooklyn some competition in the accessibility and trendy-hipster categories, too, between the resurrection of the W train and the speakeasy hidden inside a hardware store



Gary Seven

Astoria was known to the previous incarnation of the Millennial demographic way back in the 80's, except that back then you could find an affordable place and eat the cheapest and best ethnic food in the city.  It also had an aspect of "old" New York City that only finds its way into the movies these days.    

lisa e

Astoria is already 'over', just like Williamsburg, Bushwick, etc.  Better to look in places like Woodside and Jackson Heights, the Bronx, or Jersey City.

Mary F

Astoria always was a fun neighborhood.  I miss it.  It's for the kids now. I got a good 50 year run there.