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New York Festival of Light premieres in NYC for the first time

New York Festival of Light premieres in NYC for the first time
Nicolas Lemery Nantel for Salokin Inc

For the first time ever, New York City joins the prestigious and tiny list of cities including Berlin and London to have a bright and shining Festival of Light. Head to DUMBO November 6–8 for the free New York Festival of Light to witness curated light installations, illuminated sculptures and wearable light technologies created by world renowned artists.

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Photograph Courtesy: Nicolas Lemery Nantel

The photos you see here are from last year's "First Light," a light show built in Elizabeth Street Garden in Nolita for the sole purpose of previewing and sampling what this year's inaugural fest would look like.

Photograph Courtesy: Nicolas Lemery Nantel

This year, four artists' work has been selected to be featured in NYFOL. Creative collective 3_Search will project specific locations on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage in their map-inspired piece Initiations. Light designer Howard Ungerleider—who has worked with musicians like Rod Stewart and Van Halen—will display his laser light show for free free under the tunnel of the Manhattan Bridge. There will also be a piece created specifically for the visually impaired (called The Eyeronman) and work by "light magician" Tupac Martir called "Sound of Nature".



Carolynne S

Actually, just found your add for Christmas tree lighting

In another section of tome out! Thanks

can you please remove links for old posts. its vert confusing. at least remove them from suggested while I'm looking at something current. thanks!

Hoàng N

Trong khi nhiều người còn loay hoay không biết tìm nơi mua tấm lợp tại thì nhiều người khác cũng chọn mua thêm những tấm lợp khác nữa

Harvey W

Berlin.  Hmm. had this to say about Berlin's original Festival of Lights:

"As part of the Berlin Festival of September 1928, the gas and electricity companies of the city staged a huge festival of light under the title “Berlin in Light”. This advertisement for modern technology, and for modernity itself, was designed to demonstrate Berlin’s economic and cultural vitality, only ten years after the defeat and humiliations of 1918. Kurt Weill wrote Berlin im Licht for voice and jazz instruments for the occasion."

With the Donald lurking in the wings to make America great again, I must say that "after the defeat and humiliations of 1918" gives me a palpable shudder.

At least Berlin's post-cold-war festival, now ten years old, is somewhat less scary:

Kizzy M

It was a great experience but to bad it got postponed this yr

Joana S

where is it this year???

Angela A

Not so fast with "for the first time."   This looks a lot like a light festival that took place in 2010 and 2011 in Greenpoint. Their website is

Ravina S

I really wish this couldve been done in sync with the actual festival of lights, Diwali.