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New York may get a second water tower bar—this time legal and in Williamsburg

Written by
Rheanna O’Neil Bellomo

A forthcoming hotel in Williamsburg—just down the street from the Wythe Hotel—has made plans to construct a water tower on its roof used solely as a bar. This gimmick sounds strangely similar to the now defunct Night Heron speakeasy, a secret (and illegal) bar perched atop a vacant building in Chelsea. Maybe for his version, hotel developer Toby Moskovits will throw in a similarly precarious ladder and rickety structural sounds for effect? What about making guests squeeze through a tiny trapdoor? Because if you're going to copy the idea, you may as well go all out. 

However, we're fairly certain that since the water tower will be built specifically for drink-slinging purposes, the experience won't be the same at all—at least we hope not. Let us count the ways: 

  1. Most importantly, it sure as shit won't be illegal or considered trespassing.

  2. Hotel guests definitely won't be kicking up debris and dodging as they navigate 11 stories of decrepit stairwells. Because, it's a freaking hotel. This is classy, remember? 

  3. People will instagram and tweet the hell out of it. (No one but guests knew what the original looked like until a Times photographer finagled his way inside.)

  4. It's doubtful the guest-list will be flooded with thrill-seeking hipsters. Instead, it'll be Park Slope parents trying to up their cool. 

  5. "Invitations" won't be nearly as hard to come by, won't set you back $250 or be passed via pocket watch. No, they'll be open to the public and offered up by the concierge, fellow hotel guests and even the bell boy. 

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