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Nightmare apartment listing of the day

Written by
Nick Leftley

We’ve seen a lot of terrible apartments in New York. We’ve lived in many of them. We filter through dozens every week when we put together our lists of the best affordable NYC apartments, and sometimes, we even feel compelled to share a particularly depressing apartment listing with you. But very rarely do we come across a place that makes us want to run screaming into the nearest scientific research facility, begging them to install some kind of color-muting filter into our eyeballs. This apartment is, to use language free of all hyperbole and comedic exaggeration, a psychedelic nightmare about a haunted doll’s house smeared with Care Bear intestines that’s hurtling off a magical cliff into an exploding rainbow factory. (It would, no doubt, be described in the New York real estate agent to English dictionary as “charming.”)

For those curious souls with no fear of death or madness, this room-for-rent can be found in Bay Ridge, where it is located inside a three-bedroom apartment with a shared kitchen, bathroom and common area. And what does this common area look like? Glad you asked!

Yes, the motif for this room was, in fact, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, but with all the songs replaced with the sound of unicorns screaming. This can all be yours for just $725/month—the original listing is here. We wish you the very best of luck.

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