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Nine indulgences only New Yorkers can appreciate

Written by
Tolly Wright

Like most people around the world, we love the usual indulgences–visits to nail salons, drinks on rooftop bars, and fantastic day trips–but there are some special treats that make our New Yorker hearts go pitter-patter. And really, considering how hard you work and the city's constant anxiety, you deserve to treat yo' self. Here's what our happy place looks like:    

Happy Hours with $3 beers.
While the rest of the country balks at $6 bottles of Coors, that is the dark truth we live every day. Our only salvation in this desert of overpriced alcohol is the period between 5pm and 7pm at certain, glorious bars.

Midday naps al fresco
When your normal dose of nature is watching a squirrel and a pigeon fight for garbage under the only tree on your block, closing your eyes on a blanket in Prospect Park is basically our version of camping.

Drop-off laundry service
Back in 2010, New York Times reported that only 20% of Manhattan apartments available for rent or purchase had in-unit washer/dryers. Sure, we could do it ourselves at the laundromat, but drop off is so convenient.

Summer Fridays
Everyone everywhere wants to work at an office that has half-days every Friday during the summer. But they're extra special in NYC—just think about how many museums here are free on Friday afternoons. (You get summer Fridays, you say? Where do you work? Are they hiring?) 

Late-night dollar slices
We don’t care if they taste like cheesy cardboard, it’s only a buck, which is about all we can afford with our rent. And they really hit the spot after five rounds of karaoke.

Putting your bags on the seat next to you
New Yorkers are so used to charging into the crowded subway just to win a place to stand, that when they find themselves in a car with so many open seats that they can spread out without fear of a ticket, it’s heaven.

Riding a free ferry just to return on the next free ferry
Will your round trip to Staten Island be an hour of your life you’ll never get back? Sure, but there’s a breeze in your hair and a view of your number one gal, the Statue of Liberty. Freedom!

Bodega coffee
At a true bodega, $1 will get you a large cup of joe. Sure, it's not fancy, and it's still more expensive than making a pot at home, but sometimes that spoonful of sugar and that slightly burnt flavor really hit the spot. 

Yelling at a cab that stopped in the middle of the crosswalk
If this sounds like the opposite of indulgent behavior, then you’ve never experienced the cathartic release of impulsively yelling, “I’m walkin’ here!” at a deserving driver. Really. 

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