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One Direction might have broken up today, boy band–loving souls weep

Written by
Christina Izzo

Where do broken hearts go? Somebody better figure that out stat, based on US Weekly's reports today that One Direction's "extended hiatus" is really a permanent split. Five months after follically-gifted bandmates Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson announced they would take a temporary break beginning in March—and ten months after former fifth member Zayn Malik, ye of cut-glass cheekbones and heavenly high notes, departed 1D with Timberlake-style solo ambitions—a "source close to the band" reportedly told the magazine that the foursome chose "not to renew their recording contract." 

No official response from the One Direction camp, which so far has maintained that the band will return post-break throughout the press tour for their latest album Made in the A.M, although another source told Billboard, "Nothing has changed regarding hiatus plans for the group." Us Weekly, however, goes on to detail the members' post-1D activities: "songwriting and production" for Payne, impending fatherhood for Tomlinson and a potential "career in acting" for Styles. (For Horan, maybe some more graceful golf caddying?)

For the rest of us, it means the boy-band world will be without its greatest champions of gravity-defying hairdos, grandma-floral suits and choreography-free stage flailing. Thanks for the (midnight) memories, lads. 

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