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People won't stop having window sex at an LES hotel and it's grossing out the neighborhood

Written by
David Goldberg

Writing this post reminds me... I really need to get blinds for my bedroom. What were we talking about again? 

Oh, right. Lewdness! Apparently, the newly-opened Public Hotel in the Lower East Side is attracting the right kind of sexy guests, but their hotel room escapades are pissing off neighbors, who can see the whole thing through the windows. 

“You see them having sex all the time, hands on the window,” a tenant across the street from the hotel told The New York Post. “Not like I’m a peeping Tom, but from the corner of my eye, you can see this going on four times a week.” Residents of 10 Stanton Street have been complaining of group sex involving all combinations of genders, along with regular masturbatory episodes—all going down by the windowsill. More than 47 noise complaints have been made by local tenants, many of whom worry that their children or grandchildren might see something they're not supposed to. I keep thinking of that Sex and the City in which Miranda flashes her gay neighbor across the window. This is just like that. 

The hotel's neighbors can't block this one out either, as many of them have window AC units that obstruct shades or blinds. But as much as they want to grumble about the nudity, they don't really have a legal claim; so long as the shenanigans go down within the hotel's private space, it's kosher. The Lowdown NY has a statement from city councilwoman Margaret Chin, describing her "total disgust" for the "despicable actions" of hotel guests. 

Well, as we say on Fire Island: If you don't want your kids to see anything, better lock 'em up at sundown!

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