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Prognosticating Trump Zoltar machine pops in Brooklyn

Written by
Howard Halle

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With the election and the still real (if somewhat more remote) possibility of a future with Donald Trump as President looming on the horizon, it’s fitting that a facsimile of the Orange Julius Caesar appeared in Greenpoint, Brooklyn the other day in the form of a Zoltar machine (the coin-operated, audio-animatronic seer made famous in the movie Big). And like its Hollywood inspiration, All-Seeing Trump, as it’s called, prophesies wonders like a high-speed rail system for deporting illegal Mexican immigrants.

According to Gothamist, All-Seeing Trump was first spotted in front of Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City on October 9. (Did it predict the closing of the casino announced the very next day?) After appearing in Greenpoint, it materialized in Lower Manhattan and in front of Trump Tower. Unsubstantiated rumors swirled that either Banksy or the folks behind the naked Trump statue were responsible, but as of yet, no one has stepped forward to claim credit. The future is hard to see, but depending on what happens November 8, it could be very bleak, indeed. 


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