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Put your darkest secrets in this cemetery obelisk for 25 years

Howard Halle

Brooklyn’s Greenwood Cemetery is set to host an outdoor art project that will allow you to bury your deepest, darkest thoughts over the next 25 years. (And where better to do that than at the final resting place of Boss Tweed, Leonard Bernstein and Jean-Michel Basquiat?) On April 29th and 30th, Creative Time will inaugurate an outdoor art project by French conceptual artist Sophie Calle. The piece consists of a five-foot tall, obelisk-shaped marker with a slot near the base where visitors can slip pieces of paper with their most intimate confessions written on them. Calle, an artist known for provocations, describe the piece as an opportunity for people to unburden themselves. Killed someone? Stole from somebody? Had sex with a goat? No problem: It all gets entombed. From now until 2042, Calle will periodically return to the site to recover the notes and burn them. She’ll also be on hand at the opening for a two-day performance in which she will personally transcribe your confidential message and put it the tomb. But don’t worry: Your secret is safe with her. 


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