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Registration is now open for Baby DJ School this summer

By Jonathan Millstein

It seems like everyday it gets harder and harder to determine if life in New York is imitating art or if art is imitating life. Further blurring that line into near oblivion is Baby DJ School. Which, as it sounds, is a school for kids from two months to five years old (because by five you’ve either made it or you haven’t).

While the whole thing does seem a farce at face value, the school is very real and boasts a range of benefits from developing fine motor skills to helping with ocular and language development. The program will allow the kids to play with records and digital DJ equipment all while singing and dancing to educational songs.

Additionally, the eight week long program provides quality time between the child and the caretaker. Summer classes begin in a few weeks and registration is currently open.

If branding is the only thing holding you back, feel free to co-opt any of these fine potential baby DJ names:

• "Calvin Hair-less"

• "Bedd"

• "Paul Oakenswaddle"

• "Deadmau[holds up five fingers] this many"

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