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SantaCon 2013 invades NYC
Photograph: Grace ChuSantaCon 2013 invades NYC

SantaCon is coming back on December 10

Written by
David Goldberg

Halloween may be over in a week's time, but the real horror show hasn't even started. SantaCon, the absolutely bananas gathering of alcohol-loving St. Nick-enthusiasts, comes storming into NYC on Saturday, December 10. The annual pub crawl and charity fundraiser, which gathers tens of thousands of Santa-clad revelers, has become a regular source of fascination for New Yorkers, as it seems to bring out the wildest, rowdiest and most debauched that the city has to offer. 

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SantaCon organizers posted the official date to the SantaCon site with a 10am start time, along with a proud retweet declaring that last year's event didn't result in any arrests or court summonings. That's like when your roommate gleefully tells you that he did the dishes. Are you supposed to thank him for doing something he was supposed to be doing anyway? 

Though last year's convention went down in Brooklyn, there's no confirmation on which pubs will get crawled. In recent years, several neighborhoods have done their best to excommunicate the Santas, so we can all look forward to another display of civic advocacy as New Yorkers fight heroically against the spirit of Christmas, like Bill Murray did in Scrooged

You can sign up for updates on the SantaCon twitter. And while the city girds its loins for December, enjoy this red band trailer for the return of the original drunk Chris Cringle in Bad Santa 2:


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