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See this art project take over every screen in Times Square

See this art project take over every screen in Times Square

Throughout the month of January, tourists and other folks thronging through Times Square around midnight can expect to see something odd and maybe a little bit disturbing: The sight of a women’s face rubbing up against the inside of a sheet of glass, as if she were trapped in a TV set, trying to get out. The woman in question is Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist whose project, Open My Glade (Flatten) will be screened on all 62 of the digital billboards surrounding the Crossroads of the World. It’s the latest installment of the Times Square Alliance’s “Midnight Moment” series, in which an artist is invited to show a video for exactly one minute, from 11:59pm to 12:00am every day for a month. Rist, who is known for creating provocative, immersive installations, is currently the subject of a mid-career retrospective at the New Museum on the Lower East Side, where Open My Glade is now playing at street level for the delectation of passersby as they saunter past the museum on the Bowery. “Midnight Moment” marks a return for Rist’s work to Times Square: Originally commissioned by the Public Art Fund in 2000, it was screened for a month in the spring of that year on the Astrovision board high up on the One Times Square building.


pipilotti rist: 'open my glade (flatten)' at parasimpatico from designboom on Vimeo.



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