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Six sharks were spotted at a Jersey Shore beach

Six sharks were spotted at a Jersey Shore beach
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Just when you thought New Jersey couldn't get any worse, there was a shark sighting at the Jersey Shore. On July 19, six sharks (at least) were spotted at Monmouth Beach in New Jersey, suddenly making the crowds of partying, bathing suit–clad college kids seem tame in comparison. Swimming about five feet from the shore at around 9am, they appeared to be about three or four feet long. They were so close to the shore because they’re bratty teenagers, according to Marie Levine, executive director of the Shark Research Institute in Princeton. Typically, the flat ocean off the coast of the beaches in NJ means the sharks don’t have a reason to venture near the shore, but these guys just got curious.


Check out a video of the shark sighting:




Tuesday was a big day for sharks all along the East Coast—there was also one spotted at the beach at Coney Island. Swimmers had to evacuate the water after that ominous fin showed up at around 11:30am about 10 feet from the shore.


If you’re one of those crazy people who actually want to get closer to sharks, you can (safely) go shark diving right here in NYC. At Long Island Aquarium, you can dive into a 120,000-gallon tank full of the big fish, and at Sea Turtle Charters in Montauk, you can spend 10 hours in a cage in the ocean living out The Shallows in real life.


Just remember, if you ever see a shark, don’t be one of those idiots who goes in for a selfie—if you don’t bother them, they’re much less likely to bother you. 



Charles S

GET ANY WORSE?? Clearly you have NEVER been here 

Kris K

Yes NJ is awful. Stay away. But kudos on your puliyzer worthy 'sharks seen in Ocean', scoop. You must have great sources to land this one...

Jim B

The only thing that makes NJ bad in the summer time is all the people from Staten Island who come to vacation there.

Gina M

Ummmm... NJ can't get worse?

Bebe D

What an irresponsible article.

Rebecca, maybe you should try to educate yourself on sharks and NJ before writing rubbish like this.

Patty H

Sounds like an idiot.

Colleen P

"Just when you thought New Jersey couldn't get any worse..."

My Dear Rebecca Fontana:

The presence of your editorial comment far surpasses the dangers of any shark sighting!

New Jersey continues to stand as a lighthouse beacon of hope to all of the country. Please support, with facts, any comments about your sister-State that begin an editorial with such an inflammatory statement.

Based upon this editorial, we may find that the most dangerous shatk exists in the muddy waters of your commentary than at the New Jersey beaches.

Colleen Epple Pine

Spring Lake, NJ

Bill M

Since when is the Long Island Aquarium located in NYC???