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Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Mike Mozart

Six things you will (probably) find at the new Trader Joe’s in Williamsburg

Jennifer P

Brooklynites are gushing over the latest hot-scoop in their ‘hood—there’s a new Trader Joe’s coming to Williamsburg! To some of us, this is a HUGE deal (like the impending Wegmans opening). So let’s add another tally to the list of heavy-hitters (Hi, Whole Foods and Apple) that are coming to the hipsterville.

The budget-friendly, 18,000-square-foot grocery store will be located at 206 Kent Avenue between N 3rd and Metropolitan. The most important question, besides WHEN DOES IT OPEN? Will there be a wine store? We’re on the edge of our seats. We’re also wondering what other peculiar foods we might find among jars of Cookie Butter and tons of Mandarin Orange Chicken...

  1. Sriracha flavored almonds?
  2. Sriracha bottle keychains?
  3. Pizza dough made entirely of kale?
  4. Manuka Honey-nut Cheerios?
  5. A seaweed facial mask that you can also spread and eat on toast?
  6. Fried chicken-flavored pretzels?

 Okay, we’re salivating. 


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