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Skrillex and Diplo’s soundtrack to everything

Written by
Kevin Dickson

EDM ambassadors Skrillex and Diplo grace the Time Out New York cover this week in celebration of their upcoming New Year’s Eve fiesta as Jack U at Madison Square Garden. But not only have these bodacious bros shared their wisdom on how to throw a killer party, they've also bequeathed a gift of their favorite life soundtracks for everything: From bringing up the energy at new year’s eve parties to getting busy between the sheets, these guys have your playlist covered. 

The due share their favorite tracks for..

The bedroom

Diplo: Busta Rhymes and Mariah. Put ["I Know What You Want"] on.
Skrillex: Ashanti and Ja Rule.
Diplo: The Flamingo' "I Only Have Eyes for You." You'll have some weird sex.
Skrillex: We need to make a song called "Weird-Ass Sex."

Chilling out

Diplo: I play Van Morrison's Astral Weeks, the whole thing. That relaxes me. 
Skrillex: Aphex Twin. Or my favorite album of the year, Tycho's Awake. It's so good; it has the best melody ever, like old U2-style Edge guitar and Sigur Ros vibes and amazing productions. 

Getting the party started

Skrillex: I'll play a Mariah Carey record. Or Toto's "Africa"
Diplo: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air them song. Take it to the next level. My favorite Mariah is "Emotions." 
Skrillex: The best Mariah is the one that [Sings] "When you left I lost a part of me."
Diplo: It's called "We Belong Together." It's all about "Shake It Off," though. 

Kicking off your day

Skrillex: A big old shot of kale juice
Diplo: No, a song. That's not a song. 
Skrillex: It changes from day to day.
Diplo: I listen to SoundCloud in the morning, new music every day. I feed off it.
Skrillex: We need to start a crusade to keep SoundCloud safe, for the good music. Stop shutting shit down. The value of SoundCloud is huge.

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