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Someone turned the Fearless Girl into Wonder Woman

Since it debuted in March, the Fearless Girl statue has stirred a great deal of controversy. The piece was unveiled days before International Women's Day and has drawn praise as a feminist statement against a male-dominated finance industry. Even so, the sculpture was commissioned by State Street Global Advisors, an investment company with more than $2.4 trillion in assets, which has led many to criticize the sculpture as a shallow PR stunt. 

The anti-feminist backlash has been rough. Last month, an artist placed a shoddily constructed sculpture of a dog peeing next to the Fearless Girl as a form of protest. In March, a finance bro was photographed humping the statue.

It hasn't all been terrible, though. Earlier this week a photo began making the rounds on Instagram of the Fearless Girl wearing a Wonder Woman headband, and it's simply delightful. 


Sure, it might be a superfan plugging another corporate product, but the film, which was directed by a woman and features an ass-kicking female superhero, is a solid step for feminism.

Full disclosure: We did not see the adorned sculpture in person and have been unable to confirm with full certainty that this isn't the work of a crafty photoshopper. In either case, the image totally kicks ass.



John G

And to as whether the statue is a shallow PR stunt, doesn't the fact that someone links it with a vapid product of teenage summer escapism from the local multiplex answer that question?  Put it this way: On International Women's Day, one could've focused on rape as a military tactic, not able to own property, not being able to drive, genital mutilation, executing rape victims, prevention of education, selective abortion by gender.... and on and on. On a day to reflect the state of females across the globe and maybe just for one day make a statement about their plight,, a gaggle of feminists in downtown NYC set their sites on... Morgan Stanley.  Shallow PR stunt?  Uh,... yeah.  The wonder woman thingy is just a thoughtless cherry on top of symbol of vapidness and moral blindness.

John G

A solid step for feminism? You as a writer forgot to out a direction. Is it forward or backwards? If going to use a tired worn-out cliche (does the deep thinking at Time Out deplete ones mental reserves?) , at re-use it correctly