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Staffers at five busy brunch spots reveal the worst diners they've ever had

Written by
Alyson Penn

As part of this week’s feature on the absolute best brunch dishes and drinks in town, we decided to delve into the weekend ritual’s darker side—i.e., the assholes who totally ruin brunch for the rest of us. And who better to sound off on these offenders than the staff at some of NYC’s hottest brunch spots?

Check out their cringe-worthy tales below. 

Cafe Cortadito

“We have a brunch special on weekends that’s all-you-can-drink for an hour and a half for $30.95. A large group had been drinking for well over the allowed time. When I politely explained our hour-and-a-half restriction, they demanded to see a signed contract where they agreed to this. Luckily a police officer, who happened to be eating a few tables away, offered assistance.” 
210 E 3rd St (212-614-3080)

Cow & Clover

“We get a lot of twenty-somethings and early thirty-somethings. People getting inordinately drunk, which can be fun, but then sometimes you go in the bathroom, and there’s vomit all over the place. Nine times out of ten, it’s the ladies room. For some reason, the ladies always get sick at brunch.”
291 Kent Ave, Brooklyn (718-782-8810) 

The Crooked Knife

“Someone not only changed their baby on one of our dining tables but then also left the diaper there for us to clean up afterward.”
29 E 30th St (212-696-2593)


“One of our bartenders saw a girl throw up into her water glass before she even got her meal.”
41-15 31st Ave, Queens (718-777-1355)


“A customer complained that the portion of her scrambled eggs was too small. Her friend admitted to eating said eggs while she was in the bathroom. The customer then demanded that we make her new eggs since we placed her plate too close to her friend, causing the friend to be confused as to which was her plate. The friend had ordered a hamburger.”
120 Essex St (212-533-9616)

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