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Stop Instagramming your gross-looking food pics

Anna Ben Yehuda

Meals are sacred affairs to be savored with all five senses. Consuming that perfect plate of pasta pomodoro involves a particular swoosh sound, the feel of the fork in your hand as you’re twirling the spaghetti, the beautiful colors jumping out of the dish itself, the aroma of tomatoes wafting through the air and, of course, that memorable, hearty flavor.

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Notice what’s missing from this dinner-table experience? Taking a picture. No food served for the sole purpose of being eaten (as in, not specifically staged for a photo shoot) has ever begged to be photographed or posted on your feed.

Nobody in this city takes a picture of a Cronut to add to their private roster of iPhone photos; they are, mostly, screaming into the wireless abyss, “Hey! Lookie here! I ate something cool and delicious today! Jealous?!?” Well, congratu-fucking-lations. Go get yourself a cookie, too, while you’re in this embarrassing state of self-indulgence that also happens to unnecessarily flood my Instagram feed with shitty-looking omelettes. And nobody wants to dine with a friend who’s too busy taking 30 photos of their dish to have a real conversation.

What ever happened to simply enjoying a meal and getting lost in the flavors of a perfectly crispy fish taco? Or forgetting about the crumbling world around you while devouring some vanilla ice cream on a warm summer afternoon? Join me in taking a stand against the tired trend of Instagramming your meal and the never-ending quest for likes, and just: Put. Your phone. Down. Instead, pick up that fork and make love to your food as the Lord above intended.


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