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Susan Sarandon joins Time Out New York as Guest Editor-in-Chief

Written by
Terri White

I've been Editor-in-Chief of this wonderful brand for six months, and I won't lie: it's the greatest job on the planet. Hand on heart, it is. And I wouldn't give it up for just anyone. In fact, anyone else other than actor, activist, ping-pong devotee and all-round wonderful woman Susan Sarandon, and you would likely have to drag me out the door kicking, screaming and wailing hysterically.

We've often discussed guest editors at Time Out New York, but no-one seemed quite, well, New York, enough. Until we thought about Susan, who is truly an iconic New Yorker. I knew that I would be leaving our readers in safe hands.

So what can you look forward to? She's spending the day in our Manhattan offices today, July 21st, planning the articles, layouts, digital packages and social activity for our August 14th issue. It's an issue which promises to be full to bursting with causes and places close to Susan's heart. There'll be a launch party the week the issue lands (subscribe here so you don't miss it!) that you - yes you! - could attend. Stay tuned.

I'll leave the final word to Susan as to just why she jumped at the chance to steal my chair: "New York is a big, beautiful, bad-ass town that constantly demands rediscovery. To act as a guide of sorts for people who are actively searching for the special, the magical, the interesting, makes me happy. This is my hometown; I want people to love it as much as I do."

For now, I've got to go. It's time that #susanrunstimeout

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