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Take a sneak peek at the new Pop-Tarts pop-up, now open in midtown

Alyson Penn

Brace yourselves, sugar lovers: The Pop-Tarts Cafe is officially open in Times Square.

Decked out in blue and white to echo Pop-Tarts packaging, the shop employs the toaster pastries in dishes like personal Pop-Tarts pizzas ($8), Tarty Tacos ($9) and Birthday Fiesta Nachos ($9), but those savory-sounding items are actually just desserts in disguise: Crumbled Cookies & Creme Pop-Tarts sub in as the "ground beef" in the tacos and the Brown Sugar Cinnamon variety acts as the crust for the pizza. 

"Nachos" at Pop-Tarts Cafe
Photography: Courtesy of Pop-Tarts Cafe

"Burritos" consist of chopped Pop-Tarts wrapped in a crepe with fillings like torched marshmallows with semi-sweet chocolate or banana slices with salted caramel sauce. There are even "salsas" (kiwi, strawberry) to dip them in, as well as a frosting "sour cream." 

Cake pops at Pop-Tarts Cafe
Photography: Courtesy of Pop-Tarts Cafe

On the more traditionally sweet side, you can get loaded milkshakes, tiramisu and cake pops. Or, if you're a purist, you can get a single tart for a buck each or a flight of four for $3. You can even toast your Pop-Tart to your desired goldenness at a special toasting station. For the rest of the meals, diners are given a buzzer once an order's been placed, which they can then pick up in treat "lockers." 

The Pop-Tarts cafe will be open from 8am to 11pm daily at the Kellogg’s NYC shop until this Sunday, February 26th. Check out the space and the menu below: 

Photography: Kelsey Dubinsky

Photograph: Kelsey Dubinsky

Photograph: Kelsey Dubinsky

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