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That's so raven: Ravens return to New York City

That's so raven: Ravens return to New York City
Photograph: Courtesy NBC
Alfred Hitchcock

Ravens have returned to New York City after a notable absence. According to the New York Times they more or less disappeared some time around the turn of the last century and were only recently seen in NYC in 2010; since then, their population has exploded in the NYC metropolitan area. Bird enthusiasts can check the website eBird, who have created a map of raven sightings.

In the time of Edgar Allan Poe ravens were frequently seen in NYC, inspiring Poe's famous poem "The Raven." In the poem, the raven is seen perching atop a door frequently saying "Nevermore." It is not known whether ravens spoke back then or just how much absinthe Poe had been drinking at the time he wrote the poem. 

This new raven sighting should not be confused with the bar The Raven, which has been serving $14 cocktails in the Meatpacking District since last year. 

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