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An unaffiliated cuddle puddle
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/feverblueAn unaffiliated cuddle puddle

The 10 funniest and oddly specific meetup groups in NYC

Written by
Jonathan Millstein

One thing's for sure, is a fascinating place. Some groups make perfect sense, “NYC Christian Social Club,” but others can be a hodgepodge of nouns and adjectives so quirky, that there is only one place for them: the Internet.

Here are 10 peculiar, fascinating and funny meetups that, if you're so inclined, you can attend in New York.

1. “NYC Entity Investigations
Don't be surprised if you show up and hear someone yell, “We got one!”

2. “NYC Singles Age 21-35 Board Game Group Version 2.0
This one is pretty straightforward by Meetup standards until the “Version 2.0.” What strife caused this divide!?

3. “Brooklyn Unconventional Figure Drawing
Not for squares.

4. “Cuddle Party New York City
This is no joke. A guy name Adam created Cuddle Party as a way of getting adults together to cuddle. Unfortunately, it’s hard to take any cuddle group seriously where the person in charge doesn’t refer to himself as the, “Cuddle Curator.”

5. “Downtown Jersey City Gilmore Girls Appreciation Society
All you uptown Jersey City girls move along and keep living in your uptown world. You wouldn’t understand Rory’s plight anyway.

6. "NYC Laid-Back Writing Group"
Picture it: Everyone sprawled out on their backs in the grass just writing away with their Space Pens.

7. “New York Polymaths
Just a bunch of know-it-alls.

8. "Ambidextrous Tennis Players NYC"
If you can have one hand on your racket and the other one flicking a cigarette, then you're home. 

9. "Billiards, Bowling, Bingo, Baseball & More - For Singles"
"& more" just means activities "C-Z", but NOT "A." Take your aquatics, apple picking and archery somewhere it's tolerated!

10. “Upper West Side Reading French Books With Babies & Toddlers
BYOB – Bring Your Own Baby 

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