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The 12 biggest NYC dating red flags

Written by
Jillian Anthony

Ah, dating in New York. It's a smorgasbord, it's a minefield and it's certainly an adventure. The more people you date here, the more single-in-the-city types you get entangled with. But there are certain things you should watch out for on a first date. Take our advice, and run far, far away if your date does any of the following:

1. Their idea of a nice date is a stroll around Times Square.
Either this person moved here yesterday or they genuinely want you to suffer.

2. They tell you they've never been to a Broadway show and don't plan to.
Go live in Cleveland then.

3. They invite you to go Pokemon GO hunting on a first date. 
They're going to pay way more attention to that Charmander than you.

4. They tell you they take a daily fiber supplement because they're "into their colon."
Do NOT ask followup questions about this. Get up and leave. You don't want to know.

5. They straight up say they "don't believe in monogamy."
Hey, they told you! Now either get onboard or get going.

6. All they can talk about is that time they partied with James Franco, or Jay Z, or Rhianna...
If the most interesting part about themselves is who they stand near at events, forget it. This goes for people that can only talk about how much money they make or how talented they are, too.

7. They always go to bed at 9pm to make it 6am spin class.
This is the city that never sleeps! Go experience it!

8. They dare you to get matching tattoos on the first date.
This person lives for adrenaline and will eventually have you skinnydipping across Central Park into the reservoir. Unless you're into that sort of thing... 

9. They say, "I still live with my ex. It's complicated."
Yep, way too complicated for you to get involved with. Next!

10. They admit they don't get out much, because they work 80 hour weeks.
Do you want to date someone you'll never see?

11. They use a Groupon on the first date.
Whether this means they're a serial dater or a coupon queen, get out of there.

12. They don't live on your subway line. 
This is bound to fail.


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