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The best and most erotic LGBT books to read this summer

Written by
Emy Rodriguez

It’s “Reading Rainbow” time! There's still plenty of summer left, and we think the latest and steamiest LGBT reads will go perfectly with your White Girl Rosé by NYC's best public pools and beaches.

Arcade by Drew Nellins Smith
If you’re a fan of conflicted characters who struggle with identity and desire, then this novel is for you! The story begins with a breakup and escalates with the discovery of a peep show that, from the outside, appears to be just a cruising hot spot but is eventually revealed as an embodiment of desire and self-image.

Are You Here for What I’m Here For? by Brian Booker
Here Brian Booker delivers seven compelling vignettes that tell different stories but are seamlessly threaded by a common factor: illness. Each individually titled vignette showcases the lyrical and phantasmagorical voice that Booker uses to colorfully display each character and their sometimes real and sometimes imagined affliction.

Weekend by Jane Eaton Hamilton
The one universal truth in all queer relationships is that they either implode or explode during the weekend, and that’s exactly what Jane Eaton Hamilton’s recent fiction is all about. Two lesbian couples venture out to Ontario, Canada’s cottage country, and what they encounter is a new definition of love that may not fit into their current relationships and lifestyles.

Party of One: A Memoir in 21 Songs by Dave Holmes
Millennials, rejoice! Another hit of nostalgia comes your way in the form of Party of One: A Memoir in 21 Songs by Dave Holmes. He will always be remembered as the best runner-up in MTV’s “Wanna Be a VJ” in 1998, but now the author invites you to experience his life growing up in the ’80s, with narrated hit tracks illuminating the entire way.

An Innocent Fashion by R.J. Hernández
Author R.J. Hernández delivers a mixture of satire, fashion, postcollege depression and confusion, all delicately rolled into a turquoise binding with lyrically gifted accents. If you’ve enjoyed The Bell Jar and The Devil Wears Prada, then you will definitely gag over his take on the fashion industry and twentysomethings’ expectations.

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