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The five types of New Yorkers you’ll see during the No Pants Subway Ride; issue 1078; 1078; No Pants Subway Ride
Illustration: Laurene Boglio

The five types of New Yorkers you’ll see during the No Pants Subway Ride

Written by
Jillian Anthony

Imagine sitting on the train on a frigid winter day, when you notice a rider get on who’s not wearing pants—just bright-green boxers splashed with ladybugs. That’s weird, but he’s minding his own business, so you mind yours. But at the next stop, more people in their skivvies get on, and again at the next stop, and so on, until, like in that Twilight Zone episode with all the people with pig faces, you’re the one who feels like the sole pants-wearing freak.

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That’s what you can expect at Sunday’s No Pants Subway Ride, when thousands of bare-legged New Yorkers flock to various subway lines to confuse and delight unsuspecting straphangers. The stunt is organized by comedy collective Improv Everywhere, which puts on zany public performances (perhaps you’ve caught some of its other work, like in 2014, when it turned a 34th Street station A-train platform into a luxury spa).

Want to join the fun? Check out our No Pants Subway Ride guide for all the details. 

And be on the lookout for these five types of people you’re likely to see on Sunday, according to Improv Everywhere founder Charlie Todd, who’s been at every annual pants-less subway ride since it began in 2001—with just seven people.

The first-timer

They’re way too excited to be out in the middle of winter, just wearing underwear.


The bundler

They’re wearing their underwear over their tights, and you can’t make them wear anything less. It’s freezing, dammit!

The joiner

The one who just happens to be on the subway and decides to take off their pants and join in on the fun!

The cheeky monkey

The one who’s taking the “no thongs” rule to its limits (this is not an exhibitionist event, people).

The bottomless brigade

The family that doesn’t wear pants together, stays together.

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