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The soon-to-be tallest residential tower in NYC is being built quickly


Looks like New York’s ever-changing skyline is getting the tallest residential tower in Manhattan—and it’s going up quickly!

Last summer, detailed renderings of the supertall known as both Extell’s Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St) and the Nordstrom Tower surfaced online, and now, new photographs posted by NYConstructionPhoto reveal that the 1,550-foot building (designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture) is well underway.

According to NY Curbed, details about the development as well as the sales on the condos inside are still pretty hush-hush, but we do know that a ginormous Nordstrom store is taking up the first even floors of the structure. But can you imagine living in an apartment with such a killer view of Central Park? (Manifest it!)




Duane R

It'll be nice to see the skyline finally change some more. It's better to have these tall & skinny buildings over the fat squat ones. The shadows move quickly over the park as long as they remain thin.

Kirk M

Great design. Looking forward to witnessing the changing skyline that's been stuck in time for the better part of 50 years, shadows notwithstanding.

peter b

I'm very interested in the technology that makes such a slim building safe during a super storm.

Will it snap like a pencil if another Super Storm Sandy hits ?

Yes, it will have killer views but then so would a helicopter view, but w/o the vibrations (I hope).

Stephen K

Isn't this set to be the tallest residential building in the entire western HEMISPHERE ? More than nyc...

Bre O

thanks to the diminished sunlight, Central Park will have bumper crops of mold, moss, and mildew.  Sure the larger plants will suffer but building won't stop until the entire southern end of the park is shrouded in darkness. 

Kirk M

Then please move to the west coast if that's your concern. You live in a city of tall buildings - shadows aren't really optional, nor should they be.

Bre O

@Kirk M Urban planning is a recognized art Kirk M.  Air, light, water, and movement are some of the bare necessities of life.  The government that's elected by the people is required to ensure that those people have access to those necessities.

Unregulated construction and uncontrolled habitation in NYC a century caused stifled air in tenements that led to people dying in their sleep during heat waves due to lack of oxygen.  Bad water caused cholera epidemics.  Lack of light causes SAD, depression, and Vitamin D suppression.  You can pretend all you want that natural sunlight is something humans don't need but you'd still be wrong.   

In addition to the light blockage, the buildings put a greater strain on the electric grid, the sewage system, mass transit, and public roads which are also shared resources.  That didn't work too well for Dubai.

Nowhere did I write that there should be no building but I don't want NYC to turn into a city of identical narrow rectangles like any number of mid-western or southern boom cities where everything is made of plastic, aluminum, and poured concrete.  In the name of your kind of progress we lost the beautiful Penn Station from the 60s and are left with the jumbled strip mall underground.  We almost lost Grand Central Station in the 90s except for public revolt spurred by Jackie Kennedy that led to its restoration.

People come to New York to see the architecture that's in New York not the architecture that any nameless moderately sized city has.

Charles D

Do you think I can get a one bedroom with a terrace, central air, gas and electric included for $500 a month with a 20 year lease there? That would be a good deal, lol.


Tim F

Pencil buildings. Disgusting architecture

Tim F

Tall, thin, no creativity. Just blocks

stuart a

Your article is about 217 West 57th Street but the main illustration you have used for your article is of 111 West 57th Street.

Ellen A

Horrible!  Must we fill up every bit of sky and grass and trees, so that the super-rich few can have their precious views?  Central Park is for all of us.  Shame on the builders, shame on the City of New York (where I live).

Robert S

It's ugly as sin for it destroys the balanced Manhattan skyline along with overshadowing Central Park(not in a good way). Of course it's being built quickly, before a stop work order is imposed on it by environmental and city preservation groups. Just another example of our fair city having the best politicians whose pockets can be lined, and sacrificing any design plan for development of Manhattan. And if these residences are to be condos, they will be taxed at an ultra low rate thanks to the same politicians, so it doesn't even bring in it's proportionate share of taxes to the city.

ronnie ann h

@Robert S I totally agree. I call these buildings chimney buildings. They are so ugly and totally destroy the skyline. HORRIBLE!

Kirk M

Deatroys the balance? What balance- you are referring to a dynamic city, not a time capsule stuck in 1945, which the leftists prefer. Visit a multitude of cities in Asia to witness dynamic, modern and artistically cutting edge arch designs of which people like you would be horrified. Perhaps you are more concerned with preserving the environment around multi-million dollar brownstones than building a 21st century world class city.

Mary F

Can you imagine the destruction this building will BRING to Central Park as it overshadows the foiliage and destroys the view: drop dead!

Kirk M

What destruction? Love the elitist cognitive dissonance vis a vis a dynamic city that represents all residents-- not just the anti-progress crowd.

Pismo D

This no govt project, or a govt no-work jobs project, not the 2nd Ave subway...Of course it will be built fast and well, it is being created by the world that works, free productive people, not the govt.